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Registration For Winter 2018-2019 Is Now Open

We are happy to announce that registration for the BYLA 2018-2019 Winter Program is now open. BYLA encourages participation in our Winter Program to keep our teams working together in the off season and keep a stick in the players’ hands. We have seen the impact of off-season skill development on our teams and our ability…

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BYLA & Darien Lax Fest 4/28

On Saturday April 28th BYLA is partnering with Darien Youth Lacrosse to support One Love.  On this day we will be hosting 7 youth games on Hayes, and all 4 high school teams are playing home on Chambers.  Together with the HS teams and the Athletic Council we are hosting a Spring LaxFest!  This day will resemble…

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Equipment Check!

BYLA’s Winter Program is just around the corner – time to make sure that your equipment is in good order. Make sure your stick has no frayed strings or leathers, that all knots are tightly secured, that the screw holding the head to the shaft is secure, and that the ball stop is fully in…

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